To glorify God by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ,
advancing His Kingdom through worship,
Bible study of His inerrant Word, Ministry and Missions.



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Have a blessed day! Remember that Jesus loves you and we at Black Creek love you. We invite you to attend any of our services
as you have opportunity. The world’s situation is horrible. Prophecy is being fulfilled each day which le
ads us to a personal question. Are you ready for the return of Jesus? Any day He may come with trumpet sounds. If you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus, invite Him to be your Savior and Lord. We can help. Call if you need someone to pray with you or help you find who Jesus really is. You will be glad you did!


S. C. Baptist Ministries of Aging Mother’s Day Annual Offering during the month of May – Our Goal:  $1000.00



 Sensational Singles, Saturday, May 4, 2019, 12:00 noon at Sara’s Porch, 804 N. Governor Williams Highway, Darlington, SC



May:  Hair bows, clamps, ribbons

June:  Small tool kits, fishing kits, sewing kits


YOUTH EVENTS: CREEK LIFE will meet each Wednesday at 6pm for supper with the congregation in the Durant building and following they will have their Bible study.  Mr. Rick Young and Mr. Butch Rudisell will be leading them for awhile. Come and be a part of God’s wonderful love. (no Wednesday night suppers in June, July, August, December)  During these months, youth will meet at 6:30pm.


CHILDREN IN ACTION EVENTS (CIA’S):  Bring your children to our wonderful Children In Action group and learn about missionaries and get involved in earning badges for mission service. Your children will be sure to learn a great deal from the Bible and cooperate with others who love people. Our adult staff stands ready to share the love of Jesus with all our children. Try us, you might like us! CIA’S meet each Wednesday evening at 6:30pm.

FELLOWSHIP SUPPER: Each Wednesday night at 6pm we meet and have supper together. Different Sunday School classes cook on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays and we have a Pot Luck Covered Dish Supper each 2nd Wednesday and Pizza provided by the church each 4th Wednesday. If there are five Wednesdays in the month, Pizza will be served on the fifth Wednesday and Covered Dish on the fourth Wednesday.  Our folks are great cooks. We hope that you try out our warm hospitality.  After eating, we have our Bible Study and pray for those on the prayer list.   Suggested donation is $ 3 per person; if you do not have the money come on anyway.      WE DO NOT HAVE SUPPERS IN THE MONTHS OF JUNE, JULY, AUGUST,  & DECEMBER


SUNDAY EVENINGS, 6:00pm  at BLACK CREEK:  VICTORY in SPIRITUAL WARFARE by Dr. Tony Evans. Our instructors are
Dr. Bill McEntire and Michael Hall. Come and learn how to DRESS for SUCCESS and turn your failures into victories.
  (study will continue through June)


DEACONS MEETING: Every 2nd Monday of each Month at 7:00pm. Next Meeting is May 13, 2019.  Please pray for these men of God as they lead us. PRAYER does change people and situations and when you do not know what to pray for,  pray for your deacons,  pastor, and church.


BROTHERHOOD BREAKFAST: The last Sunday of each month, the men meet at 7:30am for our BROTHERHOOD BREAKFAST.   Our next meeting is May 26 at the church.  We hope to see you at the breakfast. Come and enjoy our fellowship together. The food is wonderful. If you know of anyone needing help around the house, please call one of our men in the church. We will come to your rescue through our Handyman Ministry! Hope you will come and join us!!!!! We need you to get involved!!!!!  (When the Brotherhood Breakfast falls on the fifth Sunday of the month, the men will meet at Taki’s Restaurant in Darlington at 7:30am ) We also meet every fourth Sunday morning at 7:30 in the Durant Building


NEW MEN’S MINISTRY We have joined with Joni Erikson Tada’s ministry, “Wheels Around the World”, to collect “WHEELCHAIRS”.  If you have a wheelchair that you no longer want, needs refurbished or would like to donate to us we will be glad to take it. They will be collected and sent around the world through “Wheels Around the World Ministry”. To date we have collected 36 wheelchairs.

WOMEN’S MISSIONARY CIRCLES:  Find a group and get cracking with mission opportunities.

May 2, 2019:  Grace Wells Circle @ 3:00pm
May 9, 2019:
Carmen White Circle @ 3:30pm;   Lucy Smith @ 7:00pm
May 16, 2019:
Georgia Flowers Missionary Group @ 7:00pm


 Check out our LIBRARY. There are many great books in our library that will encourage you to stretch your faith and go from glory to glory… books by Billy Graham and a true life story by his son, Franklin.. books to read just for your pleasure.  Visit the book room during your next trip to the church. Check out a book or two.


Frankie Woodard , Otis Lawhon, John Garland, Allyn Thomasson
Butch Rudisell, Rick Young,  Thomas Chaplin, Ronnie Byrd

Frankie Woodard, Allyn Thomasson, Thomas Chaplin

Otis Lawhon, Butch Rudisell

Ronnie Byrd, John Garland

Rick Young, Bobby Byrd, Cliff Atkinson

Rufus Cribb, Ronnie Byrd, Frankie Woodard, Rick Young


SPECIAL MINISTRIES TO PRAY FOR, GET INVOLVED IN AND DONATE TOWARD: After school Backpack ministry; The Lord Cares; House of Refuge; Operation Christmas Child;  Handy man ministry; Lottie Moon Christmas Offering; Annie Armstrong Easter Offering; Connie Maxwell Children’s Home; Children’s ministry.


Please pray for The Rose’s who serve in Fukuoka, Japan. We are supporting them and hope to continue to support them as they share the Gospel to Japanese people and lead them to Christ.  Their names are Jesse, Candie, Eliana and Lukas. Please pray for their safety and development in God’s will and for their faith to continue to grow.


SPREADING THE GOSPEL AROUND THE WORLD: We continue to support our International Mission Board and our National Mission Board through our gifts and special offerings.   We are experiencing God’s richest blessings as we step out in faith in obedience to Him.   


Our Pastor is a new author: Catch his book, “NEVER the SAME” on www.emptyyetfull.com.  Have tissues ready.



Jesus is ALIVE! We have just celebrated our Lord as He lives. May He always live in our hearts and souls.  May we celebrate Jesus everyday of our lives. Thank God for the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Can you grasp the power and love that God has for us through the sacrifice of Jesus our Savior? God’s plan was to have a restored relationship with us, and that only could happen through the sacrifice of God’s only begotten son Jesus. What an everlasting love we have in Jesus. We have total access to Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. Now, the Spirit is not an it, thing, or foreign object. The Holy Spirit is a person. A spirit that makes us alive and keeps us alive. We are spiritual people that need the leadership and power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. In Acts 1: 11, Men of Galilee were seen standing around gazing up into heaven. The promise to them, and us is that Jesus is coming again real soon. We do not have time to stand around gazing up into the sky for Jesus to come back again. He has commissioned us as Christians to share the “Good News” of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We must take up the torch of faith and run to those who need Jesus as Savior. In the Gospels, we are told to go into all the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a story, experience, change, or event that has happened that brought us to faith in Jesus Christ. We are told to share that event-hopefully your salvation experience- to try and lead others to faith in Jesus.

There is no secret formula to sharing our faith. All we need to do is share Jesus. Being real and truthful out Jesus, and how He has changed us will be enough conviction as the Holy Spirit works in all of us. Do you get the urgent message that Jesus gave us?  It is that we must begin in our own families, communities, towns, cities, states, and country and then all over the world. Share Jesus, simply share Jesus in our daily lives. God will open doors and windows of opportunity if we pray for and look for these life altering experiences to happen. They will only happen when we pray for these opportunities to occur.

As Jesus went up into heaven after he appeared to some of the disciples he will come again in the same way. He will come when the trumpet sounds, and the dead in Christ will rise and we will meet Him in the air. This event is closer than any of us imagine. The question that should be to our minds is this, “Am I ready?”  Do you know that you know that you are born again in Jesus Christ? He loves you and me enough that He gave his life for us to live eternally with Him. Now, that is something that even Baptists should shout about. Give a SHOUT OUT to Jesus for HIS eternal salvation that we possess.

As always, may God write the record of his love upon our hearts and lives daily.  May He do this so that we can love people into the kingdom of Christ. God’s blessings upon each and all of you.




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