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The Roses who are missionaries to Japan will be at Black Creek Baptist Church , Sunday, February 2, 2020 during morning worship.  Make plans to attend.


Women’s Missionary Circles:
January 2: Grace Wells
January 9  12: 3:30 Carmen White; 7:30 Lucy Smith
January 16: 7pm Georgia Flowers.
If you would like to become a member of any of these circles, please attend the meeting and I am sure that you will be warmly welcomed.


Each Wednesday night from September until  the end of November and January until the end of May we have supper in the Durant building. The cost is $3. per person except on the covered dish nights. After the supper the Pastor leads us in a Bible study for the Adults. 

lst:  No Service

8th:    Brotherhood
15th:  Covered Dish
22nd: Connie Woodard
29th:  Ronnie Byrd


5:    Volunteer
12:  Volunteer
19:  Volunteer  
26:  Blake and Lindsey Adams


THE TRUTH PROJECT, A NEW BIBLE STUDY is now in progress on Sunday Nights @ 6pm. This study is based on the Focus on the family Series and will be very informative. Come to be blessed and amazed by the video series that we will participate in. We hope to see you at the study. Here are some of the Topics that we will be discussing.

5:    The American Experiment: Stepping Stones
12:  Labor:  Created to Create
19:  Community & Involvement:  God Cares; Do I?
26:  Bible Study


Sunday, January 5 at 6pm

PIZZA for the children, youth and their parents in the DuRant Building


Sunday, January 5 at 5:00pm

CALENDAR PLANNING TEAM MEETING.  Please make plans to attend this meeting.


We WELCOME our NEW YOUTH PASTOR, Rev. Robert Austin and his wife, Brittany and their new baby, Rachel,  to Black Creek Baptist.  He will be working with our children and our youth.   

Children In Action Ministry: Each Wednesday night after supper the children have their special time to learn about missions and mission projects. After supper they proceed to the children’s department and are taught by well qualified and loving individual adults. The CIA’s are a vital part of the church here and are growing by leaps and bounds. We are so blessed to have faithful and sacrificial individuals that will give of their time to teach and train these children.

LOOK WHAT’S COMING BACK at BLACK CREEK beginning Wednesday, January 8 at 6:30pm…. MISSION FRIENDS for ages 2, 3 & 4 year olds as of August 1, 2019. 

Youth Group: At the same time from 6:30 until 7:30 the Youth proceed to the youth department and are taught each Wednesday night and on Sunday night they also have a special time from 6 until 7pm. We welcome you to attend and see God at work.


This ministry continues throughout the year as members gather items
for the shoeboxes.  Generally starting in October, we have several nights of packing the shoe boxes to be delivered to the distribution center and then on to Charlotte, NC.  We pray over each of them that they get to the right children in the special places they go. God has blessed this ministry in many ways. Glory to our God.


January:  Small  toys, toboggans, scarves
February:  Socks, gloves, lip balm |

Here area a few of our members working around the shoe box tables.


The Men at Black Creek have begun a new ministry that supports Joni Erikson Tada’s “Wheels Around the World”. This ministry collects old wheelchairs and has them reconditioned to send to third world countries for individuals that cannot walk. We have  collected over 62 wheelchairs.

God continues to bless this ministry as his love is sent around the world.


          Well, here we go again into a New Year. This New Year is 2020. Back in 1970, who would ever think that we would be entering into the year 2020. Remember the ABC News show 20/20 that first aired on June 6, 1978?  The year 2020 is supposed to be the year of flying vehicles and trips to the planet Mars. Instead, we find basically the same things going on as in the past that seem to escalate at an even higher pace.

     We continue to see murder (which includes abortions), theft, abuse of all kinds, persecution both politically and religiously, (lest we not forget SIN) not to mention all the other issues that are not voiced. The general population has gone mad in many ways. Oh, I am sorry; they have been out of control for so long I wonder if they ever know what normal is. When you figure that out let me know.

     The answer to all this is to continue trusting in God our Father, following Jesus our Savior and by the accessible leadership of the Holy Spirit. When you and I really practice what we deeply believe, then things will not be so bad after all.

     Here are some situations that I hope you will join me in praying about for the New Year and beyond.

  1. We must be more serious about our Christian influence.
  2. We must participate in the work of the Church more.
  3. We must attend more regularly in our services.
  4. We must support the finances of the Church.
  5. We must pray deeply for the Pastor and his service.
  6. We must pray for the Youth & Children’s minister.
  7. We must pray for the Deacon’s of the Church.
  8. We must pray for our Children & Youth.
  9. We must not become complacent in Church.
  10. We must become more outgoing into the community.
  11. We must Encourage one another at all times.
  12. We must pray for the Music Minister and Choir.
  13. We must Surrender more to Christ daily.
  14. We must be more loving and kinder to one another.
  1. Find more Blessings than Fault with one another.
  2. Ask God to place you where you can serve him.
  3. Desire to become a Growing Church

These are just a few situations that we all need to be praying about on a daily basis.

     God wants us to be the best we can be for him and his kingdom. He wants us to grow and reach all the people we can. Sitting on our padded pews will not do it, talking about going will not get it done. We must totally surrender to God through Christ as the Holy Spirit leads us. When we do this, we will grow in the right direction.

     What we need in each of our lives is a new Pentecost Experience that will shake all of us up to our feet and out into the world. When this happens the Kingdom of Christ will grow and prosper.  Read Acts chapter two (2) and see if the Lord Jesus will not tell you the same things that it takes to grow a great group of people.

     I have on my wall in the office a catch phrase which came from Rick Warren which goes like this:  A Great Commitment to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission will grow a Great Church. I truly believe that this is true. All this includes our surrendering to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Now, we know that we have much service to do for Jesus. Will you become a part of our growth process as we go into the New Year of 2020? I pray that you will and we can celebrate each day God gives us.

     My prayer for each of us is that we will be the recipients of God’s great love as he makes it known to us through his only begotten son Jesus Christ. Freely He gave, Freely we Receive!





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