The history of Black Creek Baptist Church is rich.

Since 1779, the Church has fostered a feeling of love and family concern among congregation members. The membership here is fortunate to have so many mature Christians that link us to our past.

Presently, the Church continues to promote God’s word and His Way as the reason for our existence. We have many loving members who dedicate themselves to sharing Jesus’ love.

Varied ministries and mission involvement reach out to all. The future of Black Creek Baptist Church is not only rich, but getting richer! The combination of history and tradition insure we will carry on with a message of Christ that is unchanging. Current missions and ministries continue to bring the Gospel message to new generations in a vibrant and relevant way. A passion for reaching people for Jesus increases the exposure of God’s salvation to future generations.

Black Creek Baptist Church will not rest! Our mission is to seek out those who are not yet a part of Christ’s Kingdom and to include them in our family. We hope that you will become part of Black Creek Baptist Church’s rich history and we hope you will take advantage of the ministries we offer. Our worship will be better IF YOU ARE HERE!

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